29 January 2013 @ 5:53pm

ScruffyHawkeye and I got on the official Avengers fan page on FB!

This is really cool! :D 

  1. seekerofpatterns said: Oh wow that’s you? Cool! I saw it earlier and thought it was a great pic.
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    I totally thought it was them! Congrats!
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    I am really happy the did this :3 Although I kind of want to stab all the people giving such negative comments, but it...
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  5. landofthedinosaurs said: Well done! You look very beautiful! And how awesome is that? getting on the official page! Totally Jelly. :P
  6. theequalistrevolution said: The best hawkeyes!
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  8. mendozasaur said: hehe yeah I saw and thought, I recognise that Hawkeye (kate bishop)
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    OMG congrats guys!!!
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